My name is Jamie Pett and I’m an international development geek.

I’m currently an ODI Fellow in the Planning Commission of Zanzibar. I’m also founder and coordinator of London International Development Network, an informal place to share development news, views, events and career opportunities. In the past I’ve been Vice-Chair and Communications Manager of Development in Action, a volunteer-run development education charity and an economist at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

This blog is intended to be part-professional, part-personal and mostly an experiment in whether what I have to say is interesting enough for anyone to read and if it stands up to scrutiny if they do. I hope it will be a learning experience on both sides.

I intend to blog about things that I’m interested in myself and things I know about more than other people. (Hopefully both at the same time.) Subjects may include Zanzibar/East Africa, complexity, the political economy of energy, climate change, governance, behavioural economics, volunteering, careers in development, foreign affairs and development planning. I also write about my own experience working as an expat living and working in a developing country.

I tweet as @JamiePett and have a LinkedIn profile here.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be wrong and to change my mind. The blog reflects my opinions, not those of any employer, past or present.


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