Saturday Morning Reading #15

Here’s your quickfire Saturday morning(ish) reading…

Is the Crimea referendum a good model for Africa? | Richard Dowden – African Arguments

Your organisation isn’t going to help you. Help yourself | Weh Yeoh – How Matters

An Homage to the Randomistas on the Occasion of the J-PAL 10th Anniversary: Development as a Faith-Based Activity | Lant Pritchett – Center for Global Development

Of Technocrats and Autocrats: Review of Bill Easterly’s Tyranny of Experts | David Roodman

IMF: To solve inequality, tax food, books and funerals | David Steven – Global Dashboard

If the revolution will not be funded, what can we do? | Akhila Kolisetty- How Matters

Who’s afraid of imported solutions? | Dave Algoso – Find What Works

Imported solutions, local leadership | Ian Thorpe – KM on a dollar a day


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